Why Yogyakarta Tourism?

Yogyakarta Tourism

A Trip or a Journey, will bring you pleasure and experience. Although it needs some costs, but don’t forget, a tourism trip can cure your fatigue, relieving stress, giving a new enthusiasm, and also give your friends the fact that you’re travel more than they did. Frequently traveling will make your status became cooler.

Starting from the legendary status, “I’m on the way to somewhere far away”. Then it followed by your image postings (surely with an outstanding background), You will get a bunch of interaction like a comments, likes and thumbs up. Its indicate your state of activity and popularity of your social media accounts. Believe me, many people want to get a lot of trips or a journey like you do. So, never being labeled as “lack of vacation guy”. This is an appendage that means satirical but very painful. You don’t want to be labeled “lack of vacation”, Don’t you?

Yogyakarta Tourism

Mount Merapi near Yogyakarta

Why You Must Visit Yogyakarta?

You should make a trip to a place named : Yogyakarta. Indonesia has many cool places for sightseeing rather than just taking a photo with a lion statue. Or a street tour which is full of pathetic people wearing some unusual outfit. Traveling to Yogyakarta, a very cool areas in Indonesia, will make you realize, that this country is a source of inspiration for beauty. Especially its nature.

Yogyakarta Tourism : There are several reasons why to travel there.

  • First, Because we live in this city, Sounds Subjective huh? Yes indeed. But don’t forget, Yogyakarta has a hundreds of tourist destinations. That facts making a guarantee that You’ll never get boring here. A wide range selection of tourist destinations, from historical, culinary, cultural, nature, beaches, caving tours, tubing, tracking, snorkeling, camping, fishing, mountain climbing, downhill, volcanic tours, into pilgrimage tourism. You won’t get this complete things anywhere else.
  • Second, The Infrastructure. This is very important. However, As good as any tourist destination you’ll visit, if its not supported by a set of complete infrastructure, You will find it difficult to settle. That’s why, Yogyakarta Tourism really have a good accessibility from the adequate infrastructure. You will never have a difficulties with the following things:

1. Lodging / reservation.

If you’re a Backpacker or a High-class socialite, You will not have difficulties to find the accommodation that fits your budget. There are thousands of hotels in this city. You can simply choose a range selection from a President Suite Rooms, Family Home-stay’s into a Backpacker-specific bed inns. Everything is available in Yogyakarta.
Just open your booking application on your phone. You can find your suited rooms with the reasonable price. Several big names like J.W Marriot, Aston Groups, Novotel will patiently serve you as the great guest. Even the former president of the United States ever stay in this city to enjoy The Becici Peaks, A nature hills with an outstanding views.

2. Transportation facilities.

You can enjoy Yogyakarta tourism by using the several choice of transportation that you want. Which one do you like to use? Plane, Train, Bus, Shuttle Bus, Intercity Travel or your personal car? All are available as a transport to go there. This city have an international airport, so you don’t need to switch to another type of carriage when you want to travel around there.

Then, when you get there, You can go anywhere by The Becak or The Andong. If you want to drive by yourself, try to rent a Bicycle, Motorbikes, or a Car. Shuttle bus were ready as a choice for you to go one and another place within the city. All the types of tour transportation services are available in Jogja (another name of this city).

3. Supporting Culinary.

Traveling requires a supply of energy. If the food supply is less enjoyable, it will feels lack of perfection to your experience. For example : Are you traveling to Yogyakarta far away just want to eat a Cup of Noodles or a Burger? Its not really cool, right? Well, At here you can eat this city classical menu called Gudeg. And you have a wide variety choices of cuisines that will make you enjoying the taste of it. The typical Yogyakarta tourism cuisine is relatively acceptable to travelers taste.
Don’t worry if you don’t like local food. This city have a wide variety of foreigner restaurant. You can find Italian Cafe, Korean, or an Arabic restaurant and so on.

4. Access roads and various other factors.

Almost all road access to every tourist destinations in Yogyakarta tourism we’re quite representative. Parking lots are also available in many places. There are many alternative tourist destinations you can visit there. The spots of various tourist attractions exists in every corner of the town. However, the spots we’re adjusted periodically to suits your social media passion. Therefore, you will be guarantee to have a selfie action wherever the location is.
This cultural area also have many great nature of beach. Some beach still very natural, and probably, if you go there during the work days, you will feel that like owns a private beach.
The people of this city were more well educated than others. Its not hard to find a person who can speak English fluently, Even he was just a cab driver. The city also have a tourism police, so you’ll be feels safe there. Pedestrian area are well managed in this city, it will make a nature walker feel comfort when enjoying the downtown.

5. The Heritages.

Near this city, there are one great place that you must visit. A great temple that listed as one of the seventh wonder of the world. The site was called The Great Borobudur temple. As a world heritage, you wont regret to enjoy every details of the temple. Although its now open daily and publicly, sometimes the temple is used by the Buddhist to make a worship events. The temple also held some international events like “Borobudur Runs” or “Mariah Carey Live Music Concerts”.
Not Enough? You can visit another great places named The Prambanan Temple Complex. The most beautiful temple is Asia regions. The temple still use by people to pray to God. But this one is used by the Hindu worshiper. Near those complex, you will find an ancient worship area where you can meet the greatest sunset moment. The place is named The Ratu Boko temple Complex.
You can simply reach all those heritages within one day tours. The distance of each great temple we’re not to far away.
That’s the reasons why you must visit this city. Either you must see one the The Great Seven Wonders or just enjoying a Cultural experience tours. We’re awaiting you to come here. Enjoying a great trip and remarkable journey that you’ll never forget.