Why Visit Yogyakarta?

Why Visit Yogyakarta?
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Why You Must Visit Yogyakarta?

The trip brings pleasure and experience. Although there are sometimes many costs, but don't forget, tourism can cure fatigue, relieve stress, give new enthusiasm, and also give your friends the fact that you travel more than they do. Frequently traveling will make your status cooler. Starting from the legendary status, "I'm OTW to blah blah blah", followed by posting photos with an instagrammable tourist destination background, you will get comments, likes and thumbs up that indicate the activity and popularity of your social media accounts. Believe me, many want to get a lot of picnics or tours like you, so that before, not labeled "lack of vacation", an appendage that means satirical but painful. You don't want to be labeled "lack of vacation"? 

Go to Yogyakarta, or to other cool tourist areas. Indonesia has many cool locations for sightseeing rather than just a photo with a lion statue or a tour of the beach full of transgender that makes it difficult for you to distinguish between men and women. Traveling to Yogyakarta or to other domestic areas in Indonesia, will make you realize that this country is a source of inspiration for beauty, especially its nature. And of course you mean supporting the nation's economy which is more or less sourced from tourism. 

There are several reasons why to travel to Yogyakarta, 

  • First, because we live in Yogyakarta, Subjectively huh? Yes indeed, but don't forget, Yogyakarta has hundreds of tourist destinations that are guaranteed not to make you bored. A wide selection of tourist destinations, ranging from historical tourism, culinary tourism, cultural tourism, nature tourism, beach tourism, caving tours, tubing, tracking, snorkeling, camping, fishing, mountain climbing, downhill, volcanic tours, agro tourism, to pilgrimage tours. You won't get this complete thing anywhere else, besides traveling in Yogyakarta. 
  • Second, Infrastructure, this is important, because as good as any tourist destination you will visit, if it is not supported by complete infrastructure, you will find it difficult. That's why, Yogyakarta Tourism is really very easy to access because the infrastructure is adequate. You will not have difficulties with the following things: 

1. Lodging / reservation 

Even if you are a backpacker or high-class socialite, in Yogyakarta you will not have difficulty finding accommodation that fits your budget, there are thousands of hotels in Yogyakarta, just choose from suite rooms, family homestays to backpacker-specific bed inns. everything is in Jogja. 

2. Transportation facilities 

You can get to Yogjakarta by using the choice of transportation you want. Plane, Train, Bus, Shuttle Bus, Intercity Travel or your personal car. Then to get to tourist sites you can use Becak, Andong, Bicycles, Motorbikes, Car Rental, Trans Jogja, Tourist Bus. All types of tour delivery services are available in Jogja. 

3. Supporting culinary 

Traveling requires a supply of energy, if the food supply is less enjoyable, it feels less complete your tour experience. Are you traveling to Jogja far away, just want to eat pop noodles? not really cool right. Well, here you can eat Jogja's Gudeg, and all the menu choices that you like with the taste of Jogja's special cuisine which is relatively acceptable to travelers. 

4. Access roads and various other factors. 

All road access to tourist destinations in Yogyakarta is quite representative. Parking lots are also available in many places, too many alternative tourist destinations if they are closed. Spots in various tourist attractions have also been adjusted to your social media passion, so you can be guaranteed to have a selfie wherever the location is.
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