5 Remarkable Museum Tour in Yogyakarta

museum tour

Museum Tour in Jogja will Take You Learn about History and Culture

When visiting Yogyakarta for the first time, you may feel like in the traditional city with full of history and Javanese culture. Though Yogyakarta doesn’t forget to offer its hospitality. If you want to know more about that, which are kept well in this city, feel free to take Museum Tour in Yogyakarta.

Try to join the itinerary, then you can go to all museums there. You can go to important museums which are world wide famous and you can’t miss them all while you stay.

Museum Tour in Jogja will Give You Unexpected Experience

Yogyakarta offers cheap tourism for you, So it is the perfect city for all backpackers around the world. One of the most favorite tourism places here is Museum. Because this is the place where you can be a witness of the historical story and culture in Yogyakarta. As you know, Yogyakarta has a strong Javanese traditional feelings and you can learn it all through Museum Tour in Yogyakarta.

Why choose to go to museum? This is the right place for you who don’t want to spend that much just for holiday. There are some museums that will offer the unexpected experience for you from the classic building, the antique collections and also the traditional background for photos such as:

  • Fort Vredeburg Museum

Museum Tour
Museum Tour

This is the easiest museums to be found in this city. Located right in the heart of this city at 0 km. The fort built during the colonialism era originally. The building was adapting Dutch architecture. Now, Fort Vredeburg doesn’t become the fort but it becomes the place to keep Indonesian history reflected in the dioramas. Those will tell about Indonesian heroes’ struggle to fight against colonialist. You can witness the uniforms, photographs and other heritages left from both colonialist and heroes.

  • Batik Museum

Museum Tour
Museum Tour

As you know, Batik is consider as a World Heritage by the UNESCO. If you want to learn about Batik more, you should visit this museum. That’s because you will see countless or numerous Batik collection, From different regions throughout Indonesia. It is because almost every region has its own pattern when it comes to Batik. There are several types of equipment that matters, like patterns and fabrics stored well.

  • Kekayon Puppet Museum

Museum Tour
Museum Tour

Kekayon Museum was a storage for historic Puppet ever exist. There so much Set of Puppet collection from different material. For one who like to studying about Puppets knowledge, This is the place you must visit when you arrive in Yogyakarta. Located near the airport, those place offers cheap museum trip.

  • Ullen Sentalu Museum

Museum Tour
Museum Tour

The Museum contains everything about Royal Ancestors fashion from time to time . The Museum also featuring the noble culture and life from The Mataram’s Dinasty.  In the Ullen Sentalu Museum, you can see how the javanese ancestors, made Batik with a deep meanings in each style.

This building have an artistic style architecture. From the front, its just like a temple. The ambience just like to make the visitors carried away to the amazing age of ancient Java. Trees and the atmosphere of the hills around there also make visitors feel at home.

  • Karaton Carriage Museum

Museum Tour
Museum Tour

When arrived here, You will be shown the carriage of the royals ancestor. The Museum collecting several Royal’s Train for its use on ceremonial events. No expensive ticket will be found here. For just a little amount of money, you’ll see the pair of the royals transportation. All are in classical shape.

No wonder, If Museum Tour in Yogyakarta can help you better to look closer about the culture and its history. You can get it all in this city, without spending money too much and you’ll get more knowledge.

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