Discover The Memorable Jeep Tourism Yogyakarta

Explore Mount Merapi Easily by Jeep Tourism Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta have so many tourism attraction. They have nature spot, culinary, historic and traditional culture, which are kept well for those who come there. Mount Merapi is one of the most iconic volcanic mountains in the world located in Indonesia. To reach and explore this mountain, you need to use Jeep tourism in Jogja because the area is hard to reach by walking. You still get the memorable experience by riding this Jeep to pump up your adrenaline. But don’t forget to wear head mask when you there, because the ambience up there was so dusty.

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Jeep Adventure Tour Merapi

Jeep Tourism Yogyakarta Have Several Checkpoints to Visit

Exploring the Mount Merapi wouldn’t be complete without joining The Jeep tourism Yogyakarta. By driving this vehicle, you will get the different adventurous experience and you will realize how fierce this mountain is. However, this area still offers the fertility and it gives fortune for those who love near it.
If you choose to go exploring this challenging area using a Jeep, there are some checkpoints you will visit and most travel tours will offer the same thing so you will not find any differences at all except for the prices such as:

  • Stopped on the lost village to know the situation after Mount Merapi eruption.
  • See the great coincidentally phenomenon of the large rocks after eruption that resembles space aliens.
  • Visit the safety bunkers and you can walk through the lava fields as long as it is safe.
  • Stay on the lava’s pile, The stones are actually made of the cold lava. It means, the stones came out when magma’ content reached the highest level of storage.
  • Fling over the Kalikuning’s river.
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Jeep Tourism

How to try those Jeep adventure?

However, if you don’t want to take any Jeep tourism in Yogyakarta, you can hire it directly but it means you need to bring extra money for it. You can choose the cheapest price but sometimes, most tourists will choose the long route for hours. The most recommended transportation is Land-Cruiser since you can go anywhere the bigger car can’t reach. If you want to try the enjoyment of Adventurous Mount Merapi Jeep, You can booking the journey here.

The Jeep Adventure tour was a part of Mount Merapi Tourism. There are so much tourism attraction offers there like Merapi Park: The World Landmark, The Lost World Castle, Miniature of Stone Henge, Volcanic Museum, Ullen Sentalu Culture Museum and many more.

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