Discover The Yogyakarta Heritage Tours from Gimpo

Yogyakarta Temple Tours.

Discover The Yogyakarta Heritage Tours from Gimpo is a tourist trip that aims to visit Heritage sites which is a place of worship in Indonesia. Usually the temple is a sanctuary of religion of Hinduism or Buddhism. Mostly, all of these temples are Buddhist and Hindu. Because, in old Mataram dynasty, religion that existed at that time there were just two religions.

Yogya is a Indonesian special province with a solid cultural nuance. This city, until now still being the focal point of Javanese civilization. The reign of ancient Mataram kingdom in the eighth century has a significant effect on the advancement of Javanese culture. That cultures creates places of worship, such as temples and palaces. The effect of Hinduism culture can be seen on the buildings of historical relics that are left mainly in a temple.

Borobudur Temple Tours.

When you type ‘ Yogyakarta ‘ in Google, the image page one that appears is Borobudur temple. Because this building is one of the World Seven Wonders. Borobudur turns into the oldest Buddhist temple, where as it has been created before Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia. This buildings was designed specifically in the period around 750-800 AD. History says, Borobudur Temple was build during the establishment of Syailendra dynasty.

Discover The Yogyakarta Heritage Tours from Gimpo

Enjoy Borobudur. Ig @esjeee_

Borobudur is the largest Buddhist temple on the planet. Tourists can visits and studying about this sites from the stories on the reliefs as seen on the temple walls. The Relief lectured the manner which happened in ancient times.

Discover The Yogyakarta Heritage Tours from Gimpo

Buddha’s Stupa. Ig @martina297

There is a wonderful momentum you should see. Where it is happens in Borobudur temple, When the sun rises and sinks. This astonishing moment happens in two times a day. That’s why tourist go to Borobudur not just a day. Most of them get in here in the early morning. They want to get the stunning momentum between temples silhouette. In our opinion, Borobudur’s Sunrise and Sunset moment, is an undeniable things to enjoy.

Discover The Yogyakarta Heritage Tours from Gimpo : VW Tours in Borobudur

VW Borobudur Tour is a Trip that is held with a tourist destination in Magelang, Central Java. You will be taken around the Borobudur’s area by going with the Volkswagen Cabriolet. This Tour will bring you a time to visit Borobudur Temple, Badhek Coffee Shop, Camera House, Mendut Temple and Chicken Church. You just have to sit inside the VW with the hood that simply be opened and closed manually, to clearly viewing the landscape around Borobudur Temple.

Borobudur's Volkswagen Tour

This car is cool, for those of you who had been young in the 70-80’s decade, will surely knew this vehicles we’re commonly use. This car is a cabriolet style. A method to opening the lid of the car.

Prambanan Temple.

Then, you will discover another temple that was no less exotic, named Prambanan Temple. Located within the border of Central Java province and Yogyakarta special region. As a sanctuary complex, Prambanan was too beautiful to be precluded when you get there. You will see that Prambanan Temple is the core unit of several structures around the complex.

Discover The Yogyakarta Heritage Tours from Gimpo

Prambanan Temple

This building is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Prambanan is the biggest Hindu temple in the archipelago and one of the standout among the most delightful sanctuaries in Asia. The architecture is high and slim, according to the architectural Hindu temple in general. With Shiva Temple as the core temple that has a height of up to 47 meters. Prambanan also has reliefs of Ramayana myths. Archaeologists says, the relief we’re connected to the myth of Ramayana.

Discover The Yogyakarta Heritage Tours from Gimpo

Ramayana Ballet. Photo : Radar Jogja

Ramayana Ballet

The stage of the show’s positions were inverse from the temple, in the western section of the river with the background of Prambanan temple. This Ramayana Ballet is a cultural dance of The Javanese palace. Normally the performances are performs just inside the palace. But now, The performances can also be holds outside the palace. One of the choosing place was in this Prambanan temple. The dance performed in front of the temple as a methods of enlarging the tourist occupancy to Indonesia..

Originally the performance was still using the title Ramayana Ballet, but the name was replacing to Sendratari Ramayana until now. Ramayana Ballet is usually held at night on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The Show begins at 19.30–21.30.

Ratu Boko Temple

Another heritage that is no less good is the complex of Ratuboko temple. The Grand Temple was formerly the residential of Queen Boko. Kraton Ratu Boko has been used as a palace from the 8th century by Rakai Panangkaran, before Borobudur and Prambanan temple was built. Although it is name as a temple, this complex is not a worship place as Prambanan or Borobudur. There are buildings like fort gate, bathing place, pond, shelter, outpost, and fortress walls which normally found in the architecture of a palace in common.

Discover The Yogyakarta Heritage Tours from Gimpo

Ratu Boko Temple Complex

The archaeological site is approximately 25 hectares and located at (heights|an altitude} of about 195 meters from the sea level. The position of Ratu Boko Palace complex we’re upper the hills makes us wondering. How was the way of making the sites and the irrigation systems for the pool. While at the era, there is no heavy device such as tractors.

In this site complex there are two caves, named Lanang and Wadon Cave. Inside the caves appears to be a relief of women genital symbolization (Yoni symbol) above the corridor. These caves seem to be uses as rides for meditation. The palace complex is very spacious with green and beautiful areas.

Discover The Yogyakarta Heritage Tours from Gimpo Other Temple Tours

In Jogja there are some sites that are relics of old Mataram kingdom. Some famous named Sambisari and Ijo Temple, or some infamous such as Candi Abang, Barong, Gebang, Kalasan, Sari, Plaosan, and Banyunibo.

Sambisari Temple located near Prambanan. The temple has a very beautiful landscape. Ijo temple is also great for visits, the location of this sites is the tallest over all the temples in Jogja. The height is about 390 meters up from sea level. In there you can enjoy Yogyakarta’s cityscape from the top of the hill. Green Grass also fully covers the complex, giving an elegance ambiance of the temple.

Sambisari Temple

Sambisari Temple. Foto : Jogja Tribun News

Ijo Temple

Ijo Temple. Ig @ivanfernando

There are numerous different temples that you can visit when visiting Yogya. And luckily, most of these sites are spotted in the east side of the city, not scattered. So the voyagers can visit one temple to another without wasting time.

Indeed there are some temples which is infamous and relatively less visitors. For example, You can go to Kalasan, Abang or Barong temple, which is somewhere near to Ratu Boko. The temple has a relatively less tourist visitors in comparison to the Borobudur or Prambanan.

Benefits of Discover The Yogyakarta Heritage Tours from Gimpo

By undergoing the temple tour to Jogja, you will be take in to dive into the ancient life through reliefs in the temple walls. Some also giving clues about the philosophy of Lingga and Yoni as the privillage essence of life.

In addition to being a place for worship, the temple complex also sometimes has a mystical nuance of the past that you can manifests as a meaningful inner experience of life. If you are an individual who is interested in culture, archaeology, history, and philosophy, You will be very happy to see these sites with many theory of life that you can solve through the symbols that contains in the forms, layouts, and reliefs of the temple.

Ready to Discover The Yogyakarta Heritage Tours from Gimpo

Interested in going the Temple tour in Jogja? Contact us via WhatsApp for simple itinerary offers. You can also undergo custom cultural tours. Going not with us? Its O.K, You may go exploring yourself by the backpacker style. To go to some of these sites, it only takes a day. The expenses spent on this cultural tours will not drain the wallets. We guarantee about that.

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