3 Amazing Sites for Culture Tour in Yogyakarta

Culture Tour in Yogyakarta : Visit The Cultural Places.

When you quote Yogyakarta, The Capital of Special Region in Java. This town is full with ancient cultures, like dances, temples and museums. Those can show you the important Javanese ancient culture, that is unbroken for hundreds of years. If you’re a lover of cultural things, it’s highly recommended to understand what Yogyakarta City appears. Take a culture tour in there and you’ll perceive why this town will tranquillise you to come back again once more, while not losing interest regarding what needs to provide.

Culture Tour in Yogyakarta: The Best Places to Learn about Jogja in The Past

Yogyakarta is all about culture. Most of tourists come to this city not just because a tourist attraction. Some historical cultures venue will make you know, why the modern Yogyakarta City exist until today and you can see the true side besides it. If you have a plan to go to there, then you can go to some unique and remarkable places such as:

1. Borobudur & Prambanan Temple.

When you type “Yogyakarta” on Google, the first thing to come out is Borobudur Temple. Since this place was one of the world’s heritage iconic symbols. With the exception of being the most important, Borobudur Temple became the oldest Buddhist temple as a result of it had been designed long before the Angkor Wat Temple in Kamboja. Borobudur Temple was designed throughout the amount of adherents of Buddhism exactly around 750-800 AD.  History says, the Borobudur Temple was designed throughout the reign of the Syailendra family line.

And then, You’ll find another temple named Prambanan. Located at the borders of the province. UNESCO listed Borobudur temple as the World Heritage Site, while Prambanan temple following as a heritage site, but not listed as a seven wonders.


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Borobudur was the most largest Buddhist temple in the world and Prambanan was the Hindi’s temple. Tourists can go in and learn more about this temple from the stories over the reliefs that shows on the wall of the buildings. The reliefs told anything happen in the ancient times.

There are great moments that you simply must see. Its solely happens in Borobudur Temple. The Sunrise and sunset. This stunning moment came twice a day. That’s why people go to Borobudur’s not just for one day. Most of them come here at the dawn to catch those beautiful moments. For us,  Borobudur sunrise and sunset, is a must see.

2. Sultan Palace Yogyakarta

Another suggested place to go if you want to know about culture was Sultan Palace. The place well known formally as Keraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat. This place is actually the Royal Kingdom Palace, Where the Sultan’s with his queen and also the whole family, living there. The Sultan Palace serve as the most cultural center, especially about traditional Javanese culture.

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The Palace were open publicly for those who want to know about the knowledge. You’ll be able to see a Sculptures, Furniture, Building, Royal Collection and artifacts from the past. People who work in Sultan Palace well known as Abdi Dalem. Not all standard people can work there, because only the chosen ones that have a spiritual factors.

After going around to see the Sultan Palace, then you can see several cultural sites near there, like : The Water Castle, Sonobudoyo Museum, Classic Mosque, Ancient Transportation Museum, Gothic Church and Vredeburg Fort.

3. Tembi Culture House

There are many ways to know about Javanese history and culture. Visiting the Tembi Culture House was one of the way. Tembi Culture House is a Museum which specifically contains several documentation about it. The collection were like : Spears, Keris, Gamelan, Batik, and The Ancestor’s Equipment such as Plows, Cages and Stoves. In addition to objects that are identical to Javanese culture, You also will find a number of old school items, such as Photographs, Motorbikes, Advertisement Posters, and Manuscripts from ten to hundreds of years old.

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Culture Tour in Yogyakarta : Drawing a Batik Motives

Tembi Culture House not only inviting you to know about old things. Eventually, this place hold cultural and academic events like Poetry Reading or Cultural Public Discussions. Art shows and Paint Exhibitions sometimes take place at here. You can also do several activities that you never did before, like:

  • Drawing a Batik Fabric
  • Batik Wood Masking
  • Making Pencil Case
  • Crafting
  • Making a Pottery
  • Creating a Puppet
  • Coloring a ceramic
  • Gamelan Playing
  • Field Plowing.

Are you interested to know and discover the culture that Yogyakarta has to offer? You can take Culture Tour in Yogyakarta, which is offers by many Tour Agents. Or you can go there alone with a style of backpacker .

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    If you’re a lover of cultural things, it’s highly recommended to understand what Yogyakarta City appears.


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