Borobudur’s Volkswagen Cabriolet Safari Tour

Volkswagen Safari Tour around Borobudur Temple

Borobudur’s Volkswagen Tour is a Trip with classic car which has a destination around Borobudur Temple in Magelang area, Central Java, Indonesia. You will be invited to the circumference of the area around the Temple in a Volkswagen Cabriolet Safari car. This tour will take you to visit Borobudur Temple, Badhek Coffee shop, Camera House, and the Church’s chicken. You just stay seated and wandering around up the Volkswagen with hood that can be opened and closed.

Why use Volkswagen Cabriolet Safari Classic Car?

This car is cool and very old fashioned, for those of you who are young in years 70-80s will surely know about this cars. This antique and classic cars has a cabriolet system. A system for opening or closing the hood of the car covers. Getting into a car when in a good seasons will certainly give the impression of a very exotic feels, especially in view of the environment in the area of Borobudur temple.  If you are overheating, you can close it easily.

Borobudurs Volkswagen Tour

Traditional Village Views

Borobudur’s Volkswagen Tour, Boring or not?

When doing a tour with this car, for sure it will delight all participants of the tour. In addition, you will also get the tourist spots and the view that it is not possible you get in big cities. Forget for a moment the chill of air conditioning, your office padded chair, or the high fidelity sound on your personal car audio. In this area you will see the green grass, paddy field, the sound of free bird and several great tourist attractions. You should try this stunning experience, we guarantee you will not regret it.


Borobudur's Volkswagen Tour

Borobudur’s Volkswagen Tour


How long is the duration of the Borobudur’s Volkswagen Tour?

This tour will take a minimum of two hours for a selection of short trip. Attractions include the spot option you can specify. You can move toward the East or West of the temple. Even you can choose your route to the extreme slopes of Mount Merbabu or into the slopes of Mount Sindoro.

The Price Of The Borobudur’s Volkswagen Tour

The following estimated cost:

  • Short Trip : 350-450K
  • Medium Trip : 450-550K
  • Long Trip : 550-650K
  • Customized Trip : Call

For Medium, Long and Customized trip, you will be given a variety of tourist destination that you can choose as a destination.

For example:

  • Borobudur Temple
  • Badhek Coffee Shop
  • Mendut Temple
  • Camera House
  • Church’s Chicken Park
  • Batik Center
  • Center For Pottery Makers
  • Economy Hall Village (Balkondes)
  • Market Fruit & Vegetable Soup
  • The Hills Slope Of Merbabu/Sindoro
  • Buying Durian
  • Ketep Pass
  • Kragilan Hill
  • Kopeng

Could this Tour for kids and the elderly?

Yes Of Course, because this is not the type of off-road tour. Even pregnant women can enter this tour, as long as it did not choose extreme routes. This tour is a convoy tour with full of joy. If you are interested, just contact our whatsapp.

Borobudur's Volkswagen Tour

Great Experience for Kids

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